Thursday, May 17, 2007

Too busy to think... :-)

I having been running 100 miles an hour all day! I have wanted to make my art journal card... haven't had time. I have wanted to read my new Creating Keepsakes magazine all day... no time. I wanted to sit and do absolutely nothing, for at least five minutes... no, I haven't been able to do that either! I have been working on design team projects, coordinating family vacations, having guests over, and cooking dinner. Evan was in fine form this evening, way too much crankiness for my taste! Needless to say.... no art journal card. Or layouts w/ my new Jenni Bowlin kit... sigh. I guess that is the way life goes sometimes... sometimes it is just too busy for fun. Maybe tomorrow... :-)

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Tamara Nicole said...

I totally understand! Although i don't have a kid, I have full time work, 2 softball teams, and applying to dental school! Hopefully things work out and you find time for the JBS kit (I love it!), and for a moment to relax and recoup!