Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mark's in Hawai'i...

My husband went to Hawai'i without me! Right now, it is sunny, and warm, and the ocean is almost 80 degrees... can you tell I am a little jealous!?!? He did send me some cool pics:

His company has a booth at a nation wide engineering conference, so most of his time is being spent working, but he did go to a luau last night... so at least that was fun. Hope your having a great time, babe! See you soon!

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Mark said...

This is Mark, and I am still in Hawaii. While it is beautiful here, as many would expect, the level of poverty is surprising. As I walk around Waikiki by myself here at night, I see homeless people with their blankets sleeping on bus benches. I can't help but think that if I blow to much of my spending money and somehow can't get back home, that will be me sleeping on the bench. I have a feeling that the people here only put up with invaders from "stateside" because of the amount of tourist money. I get the feeling that the locals can barely stand having us pasty skinned folk here at all.

That said, it is lovely here, but can only really be enjoyed if you have a lot of cash to blow. Since I am here on work (and a poor University student), I am tending to only focus on missing my wife and son. I miss you babe!