Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photo for Dad...

With Scrapbook Camp (retreat) in just a couple of days, I have been super busy ordering prints. I am finally going to put together some pre-made layouts from Lisa Bearnson's June kit of the month...long story short, I got some photos, and this one photo my dad wanted me to put on my blog so he could copy it, and use it as his background on his computer at work. Complicated enough for you?!?! So...here it is:

I can't believe how little Evan is in this photo! This was taken on November 16h of last year... he wasn't even 8 months old. He wasn't even mobile yet! I can hardly remember what that is like!

I took this photo yesterday, right before they left:

We love you guys! Thank you so much for coming...see you in three weeks!

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