Saturday, February 16, 2008

making memories & layouts & miniBooks & such

I have so much to share, I am making a list so I remember everything! Ok, so here is goes:

1.) How cool is this? I am really excited to recieve my "prize pack"...the Noteworthy line is my favorite Making Memories line so far!

2.) Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Mark, Evan, and I had a great day (minus the studying Mark had to do). I woke up to french toast and bacon, and Mark got me an adorable card and speakers for my MP3 player. I was not expecting such a cool gift! I finally got around to making Ali's Vanlentine miniBook Wednesday night, and gave it to Mark:

3.)We had amazing cherry cheesecake for dessert. Yum!

4.)Also at the Making Memories blog, they are asking for designers to submit their pages, using MM products, to be considered for a hosting spot during March. And apperently they are asking for run-on sentences as well, but it's after midnight, so I am excused. I did this layout tonight, and I am linking to a few past layouts as well:

The journinaling reads: Silly, happy you. You are not much of a morning person, so we spend a lot of time in the am relaxing * reading books & watching cartoons & playing cars.

5.) I got my TSV from QVC and had to put the "LOVE" banner together, just in time for V-Day:

Sorry the photo is a little crooked. I was standing on our rocking chair (yes...rocking chair), trying not to kill myself, while taking this photo. I tried taking a pic strait on, but the glare off the DVD case was obnoxious, and I couldn't get the lighting right, and... you get the idea.

6.) Just a quick & cute layout I did of my little boy. Quick, cute, and he was totally busted jumping on the futon. Little bugger.

7.) A few new pics of Evan:

Ok, I think that is finally everything! My mom, dad, and lil' sis are coming to town tomorrow, so I better head to bed. Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you notice a spelling error, I'm so sorry. I do know "blogspot" has a spell check, it just hasn't been working for me for almost a month.

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