Thursday, August 21, 2008

Palouse Discovery Science Center (Part II)

Last October I took Evan to the PDSC for the first time. I was really excited to take him again because a.) it is only a couple blocks from our apartment b.) it's cheep c.) he gets to experience some science related projects & exhibits at his level, and d.) it has lots and lots of things to do for a kid his age.

On one of our only weekends available this summer, Mark and I thought it would be great to treat Evan to another visit. I was really hoping we would actually make it inside the Center this time; during our last trip, Evan was in love with the stuffed cougar by the receptionist's desk, so most of our time was spent there.

This trip was so much different! I can't believe how much his interests have changed in 10 months. He is a lot more coordinated now, so the soft blocks, crawling tube, and mats were much more fun. He enjoyed the ball/tube display again, but took a greater interest in building blocks & interacting with other kids. His favorite part of the day was definitely the play structure. He was so tired when we finally took him home!

Evan enjoyed the colorful plastic tiles & light table. We practiced our colors (he still calls every color green...), and looked at each other through the plastic.

Running down the big, soft blocks.

Evan loved watching to see if his ball would make it to the bottom of the tube structure he and Daddy built.

Hiding in the egg chair.

Earlier this year, I got a call from one of the receptionists from the PDSC. She told me the Center was having a grand-reopening, and was putting a display together listing the donors who contributed to the new and improved Science Center. I was a little confused, mostly because we hadn't donated any money! She went on to explain that she had a few openings in her display, and did a Google search to find pics to fill in the blank spots. My blog came up with the photos I had taken of Evan the previous October, and she was asking if she could use the photos. Of course I said yes, and this trip was the first time I had seen the display. I'm not sure why I didn't take a photo of the entire display when we were there...but this is Evan's section. To give you some prospective, the paper is 11 x 8.5. How cool is that? Does this make Evan famous?!?! Maybe in Pullman... :-)

Lentil festival is this weekend, which means Lentil Chili! Yum! My mom is coming tomorrow, and is actually setting up a booth there Friday night to sell her Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry. I just hope the weather cooperates. It's been raining and yucky for a couple of days, but I hear Friday afternoon is going to be mostly sunny and mid-70s. I sure hope so!

Happy Birthday to my lil' sis! Happy 21, Abby!

Have a wonderful Thursday friends.

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