Sunday, September 14, 2008

...and Baby makes 4.

Yes, Mark and I are expecting again! We have known for a couple of weeks now, and the news is slowly sinking in. I took three pregnancy tests just to be sure, but I really wanted to wait until after the ultrasound to start telling everyone. Of course our parents were the first to know. Mark even took photos of the pregnancy tests and sent them to his brother & my sister via his phone :-) I have photos from the ultrasound, but I am waiting for Mark to set up my scanner so I can post them. We are due next spring!

I was out of town for a few days last week, so Mark and Evan were bachelors for the second time. On Tuesday Mark had a meeting, so our friend Cindy watched Evan for a couple of hours. She took a couple of adorable photos of him:

This is what Cindy wrote in her e-mail about their day:
"Evan and I had a great time last week. He was such a sweetie the entire time he was here. I attached a photo I took of him. He was fascinated by the “sculpture” in the neighbor’s yard. I wouldn’t let him go in their yard, so every now and then he would sit and watch it spin. When the wind died down he would tell me, “Cinny, it’s off,” and he’d be off and running again. He started calling the thing “turnie,” it was so cute, I just had to take a pic of him watching it!"

Thank you Cindy and Karen for taking such great care of my kid-o while I was gone! It is such a relief know I have great friends to rely on :-)


Cass said...

Oh, such great news, Erin ... congratulations! :)

TAMI said...

How exciting.... a new lil one!

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Wendy said...

congratulations, Erin!

laura vegas said...

hoping you see this! your comment was chosen on the MM blog for the hero arts/making memories giveaway! email me with your address at!