Thursday, April 22, 2010

Washington DC

Mark has been on a business trip for the last week, so the kids and I have been hanging out & missing Daddy terribly. I thought I would get frustrated without any help, but so far it's been a really good experience for me. The kids have behaved (for the most part), I have kept up with the laundry & dishes, and I remembered to take out the garbage cans so the garbage truck can pick them up. I am most proud of that! I totally thought I was going to forget about the garbage cans and be stuck with an overflowing mess for a week.

After Mark's class yesterday he headed to the White House to take some pictures. It was late when he got to Washington (nobody calls it Washington DC here... it's only Washington), so the photos are a little dark. I like the contrast between the dark sky and the bright white house. We are definitely going to have to take the kids some day... I want to see it for myself! Mark did say the White House was smaller than he expected it to be.

I have been working on Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project, along with many other scrapbookers, this week. It's a little weird that Mark isn't in most of the photos, but it's been a great way to document our time while we wait for him to come home. I'll post some photos and observations soon. I also have a few layouts for Karla Dudley Designs to post soon, too. Hopefully in the next day or two.

Off to take out the garbage :-)


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