Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-School Graduation

On Tuesday, Cindy, Jack, and I drove to a local park to celebrate Evan's pre-school graduation. His class sang a graduation song to all the family members who were there, then each child received a diploma & posed for a photo with their teacher.

(Photo taken by Cindy Ledgerwood.)

I packed a lunch for him & he got to eat with all of his friends at the end of the ceremony. I loved this little glimpse into what his Kindergarten year is going to look like: more independence, having lunch at school, and playing with his friends during recess.

(Photo by Cindy Ledgerwood.)

Jack was sick & feverish more of the day, and he had a major melt down during the ceremony. After he calmed down he played on the playground for a bit & wanted to be pushed in the swing.

(Photo by Cindy Ledgerwood.)

Look at his toothless grin! Love it :-)

With the exception of some annoying love bugs & Jack's melt down, it was a perfect celebration. I only have three months until he starts Kindergarten... my little boys are growing up way too fast.

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer vacation, and we have a guy from a pest control company coming out for an inspection. Cindy found an egg sac from a spider on our back patio, which was enough of a reason for me to make the call. It's probably not what Evan had in mind for his first day of vacation, but we have a lot of fun thing planned this week to make up for it.

Have a great week!


Mark said...

Love the toothless grin, but we need to teach the kiddo to zip up his fly...

Cindy said...

Guess I should spend some time today looking at my photos since I have to come to your blog to see what I took!