Friday, September 2, 2011

Vignette Photos

Happy Friday!

I just have a few photos to share today. These were all taken with my smart phone and the Vignette photo app.

(left to right, top to bottom)

1. Evan has never liked stickers, but Jack loves to be covered in them!

2. My three boys... and part of Rocket's leg.

3. Evan loves it when I bring Rocket with me to pick him up from school. I love Ev's grin!

4. Jack has been putting Pup-pup on his head while we wait for Evan after school. I have no idea why, but it's cute!

5. Rocket likes to take a nap wherever his people are.

6. Jack loves his Leapfrog Leaptop. It's one of his favorite toys right now.

7. Another Pup-pup-on-the-head picture. :-)

8. Our cute little puppy turned 1 last month. He is such a good boy (except for the occasional barking), and he is doing really well with our training. Liver treats are a huge motivator for him!

Have a great weekend!

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