Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ohio Photo Book

Last year I created a photo book for my in-laws and I don't think I've shared it on my blog. I made the book 7x9 inches and had it printed through ArtsCow.

I can't believe it's been a year since these photos were taken. We only spent one year on Ohio, but we did so much during that time & I'm glad I have the photos to remember our adventures.

Cover of album:

Title page:

Pages 2 & 3:

Pages 4 & 5:

Pages 6 & 7:

Pages 8 & 9:

Pages 10 & 11:

Pages 12 & 13:

Pages 14 & 15:

Pages 16 & 17:

Pages 18 & 19:

Page 20:

A lot of this miniBook is dedicated to our trip to the air museum. Mark and his Dad are both really into airplanes, so I thought it was important to include a lot of those photos in this book. And while I love the beautiful weather we have in Florida, I am going to miss the beautiful leaves in Ohio.

Have a wonderful week!

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Mark said...

My wife is such an artistic babe!