Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jack - (almost) 3

Uses 7-9 word sentences regularly.

Still takes one nap a day (usually clutching pup-pup).

Wears 18 month - 3T pants (depending on the brand), and 2T shirts.

Can identify colors, numbers, and some letters.

Wakes up every morning and asks for his brother, Evan. He adores his big brother.

Is very excited to be getting a new big boy bed, which will be delivered at the end of March (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!).

Repeats everything. He is a little sponge and also very observant, just like Evan.

Loves picking Evan up from school, and hates having to take a nap right after we get home.

Ate a whole bagel for lunch today (very exciting!).

Starts swim lessons tomorrow... a mommy & me class at our local aquatic center.

Is happy. And funny. And so much fun to be around. I love him so, so much. :-)

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