Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Impressions Stamps | Best Of Part 2

For my final Great Impressions Stamps post, I have five more cards that use some of my favorite Great Impressions Stamps. And like last week, I will link to the original blog post and stamp set(s) used.

The first card combines so many of my favorite elements: Kraft, buttons, pink, gems, hexagons, a fun swirly stamp... into one very colorful birthday card! The stamp I used was Simple Elegance, and here is the original blog post.

Butterflies are another favorite of mine (I own too many butterfly stamps to count!), and the GI Tiger Swallowtail stamp is just lovely. Here is a link to the original post.  

This watering can of flowers was one of the first stamps I picked out from Great Impressions. The various blooms in the sweet little can make for a lovely sympathy card. Here is the stamp and you can find the original post here.

Autumn is my favorite season, and I couldn't resist this beautiful fall themed stamp. You can find the stamp here, and the original post here.

The final card I have to share features this lovely Flower Bouquet stamp. The red and black color combo really pops on kraft cardstock. You can find the stamp here and the original post here.

That wraps up my final post for Great Impressions Stamps. I am going to miss the wonderful women I have had the pleasure of working with this past year. Thanks for everything!


Helene said...

I love your first card !

Sparkly Engineer said...

I have totally enjoyed working with you and am so inspired by your cards.

Erin said...

I loved working with you, too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments!