Saturday, October 20, 2007


It's late, so I am going to be brief! Evan and I had a great day here in Puyallup, despite the wet, wet, wet weather. Now I remember why I love Pullman so much!! Anyway, we went to Olive Garden for lunch with my sister. Evan kept our fellow diners entertained by throwing his napkin/food/books/cars/ onto the floor over and over (I thought we had moved on from this stage...guess not!)...and I slowly lost my sanity. The food was great, though. I love Olive Garden bread sticks. And fettuccine. And salad. Hell, even their diet coke tastes better there than at home!

We raced home in the rain, and put cranky boy to bed. He slept for almost three hours, which was great. It gave Abby and me time to set up the jewelry table for the open house tomorrow. Right as Evan was waking up, we finished. It looks great, now I just hope nobody touches anything... :-)

Abby had a volleyball game tonight, against George Fox University. I decided to go, with an 18 month old, and I was really pleased with how he behaved! The game only went to three sets, which was perfect. We were introduced to the team, and all the girls loved Evan. He sure knows how to turn on the charm! By the time we got home, it was 9:15pm, 2 hours past bedtime. Guess who fell right to sleep?!?!

Tomorrow is the big Open House for my mom, so I have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by the time guests arrive at 11am, so I am off to bed.

I'll post again after the Fifth Ave. show!

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