Monday, October 1, 2007

My camera is hiking the Enchantments...

My dad decided hiking the Enchantments (near Leavenworth) for 4 days, at the beginning of October, would be a good idea. I disagree. Despite my objection, he, and my camera, are trudging 30 miles in 4 days, in weather I would categorize as "questionable" at best. Now I know where I get my stubborn side!

He and his work buddies are in Leavenworth right now, sleeping one last night in a comfortable bed before wandering into the wilderness for 72 hours. He really wanted to take a camera with him, so Mark and I agreed we would let him borrow ours...although we did impose a "you break it, you buy it" policy! We will see if it makes it back in one piece!

I did snap a few pics before we handed over our beloved camera:

Happy October!

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TAMI said...

I hope camera makes it home in one piece!! and your dad has a great time!! We ordered the Nikon D40 so I see 'manual' reading in my future!