Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not been in the mood...

...to scrapbook. In almost 7 years, I cannot remember the last time I said that. I don't know what my problem is, but I have been doing other things to fill my time. On the New Years Day, Mark purchased a Wii. I was never allowed to play video games as a kid (my mom thinks they will rot a child's brain), so we didn't have them in the house. I guess my friends didn't have them either, because I only remember touching a Nintendo controller once in 22 years, until Mark brought home the Wii, of course! I am not too excited about the super competitive games, mostly because I always lose, and I really don't like losing all the time. I was getting really frustrated, so Mark got me a Sims game, and I love it! I have become more familiar with the controller and Nunchuck (is that not the most disgusting word?!?), and I also like how non-competitive it is. You can't really lose...you have to create a town, build houses, and make virtual furniture for these fictional homes. I love decorating each home to suite the individual "Sims" needs...it's almost like playing "house" as a kid.

I have also started reading again, for pleasure. It has been awhile since I picked up a book for fun, so I raided my sister's book collection while we were home for Christmas, and I must say she does have great taste. I started reading The Hot Flash Club while I was in Puyallup, and finished it in less than two days. I recently ordered The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again, off of Amazon, and I started, and finished it tonight. I even started the third book in the installment. I love them! I also read Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallory (simply wonderful), and a couple others I have really enjoyed. Oh, and Eat Pray Love, which was good too. I was reading the second section of Eat Pray Love (the main character is in India), at the same time my dad was in India, so that was neat. I felt like I was in Mumbai with him...sort of. In a very remote, much colder weather kind of way.

Krsiti W. and I are heading up to Spokane tomorrow with Ben and Evan, so that should be interesting. Evan wasn't exactly a prince the last time I took him into a scrapbook store, so I am dreading it slightly. Not because I don't want to go to Spokane, I just don't want to be dealing with an almost two year old at the same time. Such is life, I guess.

Here's to a peaceful outing tomorrow :-)

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Kristi said...

So happy to see a blog post from you and so sad we didn't get to go.