Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas photos, Project 356, etc...

Happy New Year! I think we have finally unpacked/washed clothes/put toys away from our trip, and now we can relax :-) Mark and I each did a bunch of cleaning today, and our house is starting to feel "normal" again.

I wanted to post some photos of our family Christmas in Pullman for our West side family to see. Evan had a delightful 3rd Christmas. We all did, actually! Mark was so thoughtful and purchased a Making Memories Slice for me! Yay! I am so excited to play with my new toy! It's not very often that I get a toy for Christmas. I think the highlight for Mark had to be his power scissors I picked up for him. They came in handy when we needed to open Evan's new toys.

Mark's mom made the pj's Evan is wearing. Thanks Grandma Taylor!

Merry Christmas!

When we got to Puyallup, we were all a bit shocked by the amount of snow that had accumulated. I can't remember getting nine inches of snow when I was living there. Both my parents had "snow days" due to the weather.

I had to share this photo of Evan. I took it a couple of days before our trip. He had been running around with Mark and Roy (or as Evan would call him: "Roy Boy!"), and he was sweating like crazy! His hair was sticking straight up in the air because he was so hot :-)

A couple of days after Christmas, mom and dad Taylor, Kenneth, Zach, Mark, Evan, and I went to the train exhibit at the History Museum in Tacoma. We spent a couple of hours there, looking at five floors of trains. Evan really enjoyed the Lego train room. They even had Thomas the Tank Engine Lego train sets out for the kids to play with. He could build his own tracks, or play on a couple of tracks other kids had built. I was pretty impressed with how well he played with others. He doesn't have a ton of experience playing & sharing with other kids, but he didn't seem to mind giving and taking. Good job, kid-o!

The Tuesday before Christmas we went to the Children's Museum of Tacoma with my mom. Evan really enjoyed the open spaces to run and play, plus socializing with other kids. They had an art room where kids could use special paint to decorate an indoor window, and he could play in a make-believe kitchen area. Mostly he liked to run off his unlimited energy!

Evan will not wear a hat for Mark or me, but he found Grandpa's hat during our trip and wouldn't take it off! To add to his ensemble, he put on Grandma's red slippers :-)

While in Puyallup, I posted a recipe for Candy Cane Cookies. This is what they look like when they are done. Yummy!

On December 28th I started a challenge called Project 356. Basically you are taking a photo per day, and the kit has everything you need to put together an album with all those photos. My friend Bethany sent me her photos from days 1-4, and I thought I would post mine here for everyone to see. A lot of these photos aren't "professional" quality, but they are little glimpses of our everyday lives. Some of them have become favorites of mine already!

Daddy playing the Wii; Evan pretending to play with him.

Our beautiful little town covered in snow.

Evan loves to sit in my office and watch his favorite move, Cars, while I work on scrapbook projects.

Evan loves having his Daddy home on winter vacation. They spend a lot of one-on-one time together, doing everything from playing cars to tickling.

Evan and Roy watching Mark fly his little helicopter around our apartment.

Taking a break at Grandma's house to read some Little People lift-a-flap books on the floor.

Mom's new favorite toy...her Wii Fit!

Evan and his Aunti Abby.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! Mark doesn't start school until the 12th, so he will be working during the upcoming week. It is snowing like crazy outside right now, so it looks like Evan and I will be having a stay-at-home day tomorrow. Maybe some scrapbooking during naptime? We can always hope...


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