Friday, January 23, 2009

New favorite photos...

...of our little guy.

...and this one:

I asked him to show me his belly button :-)

..and this one:

He and I had the evening to ourselves (Mark was bowling), so we worked on some basic number, shape, and color skills. He loves to do "school" books, number & color recognition, etc., so we did that for a bit. Evan is all about number flashcards, which I hope is a good sign :-) He likes to put them in "order," which sometimes isn't numerical, more random. He seems to know the system he wants. He gets particularly grumpy when I try to change his cards for different ones. Today he was making "stairs" with his cards, in a diamond pattern. He shows a little bit of his mama's OCD at times...everything a certain way. I think he is rather meticulous for his age, especially when it comes to sorting & stacking & organizing little things.

Did anyone notice the number to the right? 100 days until my due date. Yikes! Not feeling ready yet. Not feeling like we can have this baby in the next 3+ months. I'm sure I'll get there...but just not yet. Still need to go through Evan's baby clothes, wash and put those away...get out the swing and bouncer... so much to do! I'm sure everything will get done, I'm just feeling a little rushed & unprepared at this point.

Tomorrow is Friday. Halleluah! Looking forward to the weekend.

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