Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Dragon & A Tiger.

My sister works for Old Navy on the West side, and she got an amazing deal on the kid's costumes this year. Evan decided to be a dragon, and Abby thought the tiger costume would be great for Jack. When Jack was born, he screeched a lot & everyone said he sounded like a tiger cub, so I agreed the costume would be perfect for him.

I wanted to do a test run to make sure everything fit & that Evan would actually wear his costume. Last year he was a monkey & hated it, so I don't have any pictures! He wore it for about 20 minutes before crying and asking to take it off.

This year, he is much happier & seems to like that his dragon has wings and can fly:

I had a couple of extra minutes yesterday before Evan needed to be picked up from pre-school, and Jack was so cute while playing with him puppy on the couch:

It has been so much fun watching Evan & Jack interact & play together the last month to 6 weeks. Jack is starting to respond to Evan & laugh when Evan laughs. It is also nice that Evan can keep Jack entertained when I need to make dinner or check on the laundry. I am trying hard to cultivate a good relationship between the boys, built on love and respect:

And a couple photos just because I think he is cute :-)

Have a blessed Sunday, friends.


Dion said...

I think that last pic of Jack is pretty much the best thing ever. Little else, I would argue, encapsulates the idea of complete and utter surprise.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

I don't necessarily care for my butt shot, but my kids look so cute, don't they everyone? You know so many people say they look like me, so by extension....