Thursday, October 8, 2009


I wish I could say we were doing a lot of really exciting things & that is my excuse for not posting, but it's really just the opposite.

We are in a good Monday/Wednesday/Friday pre-school routine with Evan.

Jack is taking two naps per day and sleeping through the night (most of the time).

Mark is working or at school until 5pm every day (and often heads back to the office at 8pm after we put the boys to bed).

I am doing endless amounts of laundry, paying bills, Christmas shopping, working on some online classes, taking tons of photos, & organizing the apartment to make our move easier.

See? Nothing too exciting.

Mark took Evan out for a bike ride tonight before dinner. He loves his Cars bike.

I love this photo of Jack. He usually wakes up from his naps with a big smile on his face & he loves to coo at his mama :-)

Tomorrow is a non pre-school day, so we'll be doing some grocery shopping, running to the post office, and hopefully getting outside for a bit if the weather cooperates. Fall is most definitely here to stay, which means less time outside and more time inside, playing the Wii & rediscovering toys that haven't been played with since last fall/winter.

Maybe tomorrow or Friday I will have some more exciting to post! Until then, have a great Thursday!

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Dion said...

Christmas shopping already? I guess it never really ends does it?