Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yes, our little Jack *probably* has Pneumonia. I feel so bad for him! His coughing has gotten worse last couple of days, so we took him to the doctor this afternoon & Dr. Adkins heard fluid in his lungs. He is now on antibiotics for the next five days. I hope he is feeling better by the time all our company comes on Friday... I know there are some grandparents, aunts, and uncles that can't wait to play with him!

Despite being sick he is still in a good mood during the day:

... right after nap. I love his bed head!

It has been cold here (it's 2 degrees right now), so we are stuck indoors most of the time. Evan loves doing play-doh and when he's in a super feisty mood it tends to help him focus.

7 months old.

Now that Jack is sitting up well on his own, the boys are taking some baths together. Evan is a very protective big brother!

My three boys. (Evan - 3.5. Jack - 7 months.)

I can tell Jack doesn't feel good in this photo. He still smiles a lot, but he's not quite himself. I really hope the medication kicks in soon so we get our super happy guy back.

This one was taken the week of Thanksgiving at my parent's house. Evan was outside driving his race car around & Mark was under orders to take a few photos. Thanks babe... they turned out great!!

And can I tell you how excited I am about Mark's graduation on Saturday?!?


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