Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Month, New House, & New Challenges


Am I the only one who can't believe it is December already? This year has gone by so fast for me. Jack is already 7 months old, Evan is learning new things everyday (he greeted me today by saying "hola mommy"; I guess he has learned something from watching Handy Manny!), and Mark is 11 days from graduating. We are less than a month away from Christmas and our move, and I have so many to-do lists going it's ridiculous.

But... I love December & Christmas, and I am determined not to let our life changes get in the way of celebrating this season. I pulled out all our Christmas/winter books today so I can read them to the kids before bed. I also ordered Evan a Playmobil police advent calendar that should be here any day (we will start it a few days late this year, but that's o.k. by me), and I have big plans to bake Christmas cookies and pumpkin bread very soon.

Mark's graduation is another event this December, and of course I have more planning to do for that. Mark wants an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen, and I am making a few new recipes that I would like to try out before next Saturday. My parents, Mark's parents, our siblings, extended family, and friends are going to join us after the ceremony to celebrate Mark's achievements, and say goodbye at the same time. We are going to miss our family and friends so, so much.


Our trip to Cincinnati last week was successful, and we have found a great house & we feel a little acquainted with the city. We don't have freeways here in Pullman, so the maze of on ramps, exits, connections, freeways that lead to more freeways, and merging freeways is going to be a challenge the first few months. I have gotten used to going 25 MPH everywhere :-) At least once when we are visiting our family on the West side my sister reminds me to speed up because I'm creeping along on a road that is 40 MPH, and I'm happily doing 25.

Back to the house... it was built in 1900, it's been completely remodeled, and it has a yard! That last part I am so excited about. We are going to get a sand box & a swing set, and spend a lot of time outside next summer. The boys are still sharing a room, but they have a lot more space, plus we will have a big play room for them down stairs. We also have a living room, a studio for me, and a nice master bedroom.


Jack has been our little non-sleeper for the last week or so. He decided half way through our trip that he didn't like the pack 'n play, and started fighting us before nap time and bed time. He has a cough, which I think is waking him up at night, but it has gotten worse the last couple of days. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and he does have a mild cold. He also got a few shots yesterday (5 shots and one oral vaccine), so he has been really tough to get to bed tonight. I wish I could help him more. I feel so bad that he is sick and crabby, but nothing I'm doing seems to ease his discomfort. Hopefully this will work itself out and he will be back to his normal, happy self soon.

I am anticipating a somewhat sleepless night based on how many times Jack has been up already tonight (4), so I better wrap this up and go to bed. But... I can't post without showing off my two little ones:

{@ the Pacific Science Center on 11/28/09. Evan loves the car ride outside the center. It was a great way to end our trip to Seattle.}

{Another photo of Jack in his sock-monkey outfit. I can't seem to get enough of my little monkey :-)


Dion said...

It looks like the culture and language of my people is rubbing off on your son. That's what I call "Mission Accomplished." ;)

Lydia said...

What a cute little sock monkey out fit I LOVE IT!!