Thursday, March 4, 2010

'Design Your Life' Layout.

A few weeks ago I created this page for Cathy Z.'s Design Your Life class:

Christmas 2009

I have been busy working on layouts, taking photos of the munchkins (our playroom has great natural light in the afternoon), and making chocolate truffles for the bake sale at Mark's office. Evan helped by adding sprinkles to 72 truffles tonight; I think that was the highlight of his week!

Jack is a crawling all over the place, and has learned to pull himself up in his crib and pack 'n play. He is babbling and interacting with Evan a lot lately. After lunch today Evan ran into the living room and said: "Jack, will you come and play with me?" I was almost in tears I was so excited to hear Evan reach out to his baby brother.

One of Evan's favorite TV programs is Olivia on Nick Jr. I happen to like that show too, but Olivia calls her little brother "my little bother," so we've been limiting Evan's Olivia time lately... Jack was given the same nickname a few weeks ago & I don't want Evan calling him that. I am encouraging Evan to call him Jack-Jack, but he now prefers Jackaroo. As long as he isn't calling Jack "my little bother", I'm okay with it!

I'm off to bed. I have 72 truffles to wrap tomorrow morning before Mark goes to work :-)

xoxo Erin.

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Terri said...

Really nice, Erin...great layout...I love what you do this and keep up with's going to mean a lot to you and the boys some day...WAY to GO!!! And, truffles...yum, sounds good...I'm drinking a chocolate martini right now and that would go perfectly! I can't believe that Jack is getting around so much...can't wait to see you all in May...sounds like you are all adjusting to live outside of Washington!!