Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kit Release Thursday!

Karla has a new brush kit available in her shop today!

I created this layout using her new kit, plus some of her other products:

[ All supplies are Karla Dudley Designs. Kits used: Patterned Paper - Sylvy. Cardstock - Cardstock Essentials No. 1 (Lake). Scalloped Borders - Fancy Borders No. 1. White Letters - Cardstock Essentials No. 1 Alpha. "by" Font - Everyday Font Karla Dudley. Journaling Font - Georgia. Stitching - Digi Essentials Kit. Staples - Digi Essentials Kit. Outline Floral Brush - Brush Bucket No. 1]

I am working on my 3rd load of laundry, so I better get back to folding. I have about an hour before Jack wakes up from his nap, and I also want to take Evan outside to enjoy the beautiful day we are having. It is sunny & 65 degrees here. It's about time we got some really nice weather! I took him out yesterday, but after running around for a bit he started coughing and couldn't stop. His cold is definitely lingering, and I don't want him to get worse so we are taking it easy.

Have a wonderful day!

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Mark said...

I highly dislike the tiny uploaded images sizes. Fix it. I know many of your fans agree with me.