Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jack: Then & Now.

2 months old.

14 months. old.

My sweet Jack.

You have grown so much over the last year.

You are still a cuddle-bug & love to be held. And despite our best efforts, you are still taking a bottle before bed. Every time we have tried to ween you, you get sick (or start teething), so we don't have the heart to take away your precious "ba-ba". Maybe next week...

You are super talkative & have many words. "ma-ma", "pup-pup", "da-da", and "na no" are your favorite, but you also say "ba-ba" (bottle), "mo" (more), "uh oh", and "up". You also grunt, squeal, clap, point, dance, and have the best baby-belly-laugh.

Just like Evan, you have discovered (and now love) cars. You scoot around while pushing some of your bigger cars, and like to spin the wheels of the smaller matchbox cars Evan has. It was right around this age that Evan became obsessed with cars, and you are showing a similar interest. You also like our Fisher-Price Little People cars, trucks, firetrucks, tractors, and ice cream truck.

Blocks & Duplos also hold your attention for quite a while. You like to stack them & knock them over. You also like to clap your hands while holding a block in each hand, and Evan usually copies you, which makes you even more excited.

You still sleep a lot, and are taking two naps per day. Your morning nap is essential to your happiness, but a few days lately you have skipped your afternoon nap without too many issues. You sleep with your pup-pup, and both blankets Grandma Taylor made for you (and Evan) last Christmas. You sleep on top of the animal blanket, and I put Evan's white & blue blanket over you. Then I wrap a little receiving blanket around your head in an upside down U shape so your ears are covered. You hold pup-pup, and usually fall asleep in that position. Yes, you are high maintenance. But we love you anyway!

Once again, you are resisting most foods. And throwing food. And screeching at us when the food you do like isn't on your tray anymore because you ate it. Dinner around here feels more like a trip to the zoo than a nice, family meal together. But I have found a few things you will eat regularly, and we offer you everything that we are eating, so I hope you learn to like new foods soon. I can't imagine eating bananas three meals a day, but you love them.

Thank you, Jack, for reminding me to slow down and savor these moments with you. For being such a good baby and making me laugh constantly. You are so deeply loved.


Terri said...

Such a sweetie...Jack is so darn cute and I can't believe how he's grown up this past year...enjoy every day...because as you know they change so quickly!

shalinee said...

I am just wondering when little Jack grows up and reads this post it will be so wonderful! Almost like opening an old family album. God bless you all...

A reader from India!

(Just found your blog by the way)

Erin said...

Thanks Terri & Shalinee! They do grow up so fast... I can't believe he is a 14 months old already!

Cass said...

Ha! I love your little routine when tucking Jack into bed, classic.
Oh, the things we do for our children!