Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This week.

Jack has been fighting a bad case of bronchiolitis for the past 5 or 6 days, which has put my Thanksgiving plans and preparations on hold. He is on medication and is finally feeling better, but isn't back to his usual spunky self just yet.

This photo was taken the day Mark took him to urgent care. His eyes were so red and puffy and he was just miserable. We spent today relaxing, watching a movie, and trying to get this little guy better. We want him healthy for the holiday on Thursday!

. . .

Karla Dudley is releasing a new kit on Thursday, and I will have a sneak peek for you tomorrow evening. Her new kit is GORGEOUS! You won't be disappointed!


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Karla said...

Girl I've always wanted to try some Frosted Mini-Wheats! They look SO tasty! I'm going to have to get some now that you reminded me ^_^

And actions? Your photography is so freakin' gorgeous and you mean to tell me you don't play with actions yet? don't need them that's for sure! Gorgeous stuff Erin!!!