Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As of right now

Eating - frosted mini-wheats

Drinking - ice water

Last Night's Dinner - leftover turkey and mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving

Listening To - The Band Perry

Reading - The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

Doing - cleaning out the play room and getting the Christmas tree decorated

Creating - my December Daily album and Christmas cards

Next Crafty Thing I Want To Explore - using photoshop actions (like the one I used on Jack's photo below this post)

Waiting On - the rest of the Christmas presents I ordered to arrive

Anticipating - tonight's episode of Glee!

Exited About - spending Christmas with just Mark and the kids (and not having to fly anywhere)

Super Thankful For - my two beautiful boys

Watching - Special Agent Oso with the boys

Last Movie Watched - Iron Man 2 on pay-per-view

Next Movie To See - Love and Other Drugs

What I'm Wearing - snowman pajamas pants and a Northrop Grumman t-shirt

To-Do, At This Very Second - get Evan another bowl of cereal

Favorite Photo -

{Evan's interest in books and reading has really taken off lately. He is using his Tag a lot, and is progressing nicely through his Bob Books. I love this photo because of how Evan is sitting... how can that be comfortable?!? But he stayed in this position for almost an hour while reading his Tag books.}


Dion said...

I'm pretty sure that using your knee as a headrest is pretty comfortable until the age of about 10 when you become more of a civilized human being and discover the usefulness of actually sitting at a table. That and after a certain point, the early arthritis kicks in...

Karla said...

I've always wanted to try Frosted Mini Wheats! They always looked so freawkin' tasty! I think I'll have to get me some now ^_^....

BTW...your photography is absolutely stunning. If you don't use actions at all then whoa...niiiiiice!