Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 25 - December 6: In Photos

(Photo by Evan) Bundled up and ready for work.

Hanging out in front of the Christmas tree.

Learning to drink from a big-boy cup.

Decorating the Christmas tree with Ev. (He wanted all the ornaments with his name on them to be in one spot on the tree, so every morning I have to spread them out again.)

Cuddling before bed. Notice the stethoscope around his neck... it's one of his "things" right now. He loves to wear his stethoscope, goggles, eye glasses, Mr. Potato Head glasses, and hats.

Jack's buddy, Dion, on Thanksgiving day.

Well hello, Jack! I love his goofy smile :-)

Making silly faces at the dinner table.

More silly faces between bites of homemade mac and cheese.

Love this not-so-little guy so, so much. He is starting to hide from the camera, or give me his goofy grin, so this was a pleasant surprise when I dumped my memory card tonight.

Evan is fighting a nasty cold right now and is super grumpy, which is making Jack grumpy, which is making me grumpy! We had a low-key day today, and will probably do the same tomorrow. Evan has enrichment at school on Wednesday that he doesn't want to miss, so I'm hoping he starts to feel better tomorrow.


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