Friday, June 24, 2011


Evan has been playing outside with Rocket quite a bit. They love to race around the backyard, play chase, and Ev loves throwing a ball for Rocket to track down.

Rocket has fully recovered from his surgery & he is back to his usual self. Today he got off his leash and ran into the lake to chase the ducks, then ran around the backyard before coming back inside (looking very sheepish... he knew he was in trouble!).

Enjoying his first sucker, and immediately needed a bath. The kid was sticky from head to toe.

Evan took this picture of Jack while we were on our way to Gymboree. He snapped 30 or 40 pics from the back seat of the car & I love this one.

One of the parks near our house has a great rock wall, and Evan has mastered it. Jack likes to watch his big brother & clap when Evan reaches the top safely.

Another trip to the zoo. This time we went after dinner to avoid the super hot weather. It was still in the high 80s, but most of the zoo is covered by large trees so it wasn't that bad. The kids loved it, and it was nice to spend the evening together as a family.

Evan just informed me that he doesn't want to take a rest & that it is time to play, so I better wrap this up. Have a wonderful weekend!


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Dion said...

30 or 40 pics huh? Sounds like your kid is a bit trigger happy with the camera! I wonder where he gets it from...

Side note: all your pics look awesome on my iPad :p