Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking Back: A Layout

Karla Dudley released a new kit yesterday for Design House Digital named Twenty Twenty. One of the phrases she included, "looking back", made a perfect title for my layout:

(Supplies - Papers: Twenty - Twenty. Cardstock: Cardstock Essentials. Stitching: Cardstock Essentials. Labels: Jude. Word stickers: Itty Stickers Boy. Staples: Clear Essentials No. 1. "looking back" brush: Twenty - Twenty. Font: Georgia)

I plan on creating a layout all about Evan's first day of school, but I wanted to also document the differences between his first day of pre-school and his first day of Kindergarten. Look how big he is now! What a difference two years makes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cindy said...

Sweet, sweet layout.

I keep checking back here hoping to see you post about being published but I think you're being too humble. So, if you're not going to shout it from the rooftops, I will!


Cass said...

Wow Kindergarten already!
We are facing our first day of Preschool on Sept 8th too ... Henry's completely oblivious, ha!