Sunday, April 22, 2012

Right Now


Just turned 6 years old.

Is wearing size 6 clothes & size 13 shoes.

Has mastered the 1st grade reading list & is working on the 2nd grade reading list.

Likes to play Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire after school.... then play Angry Birds with his blocks on the card table.

Likes yogurt (without chunks), pancakes, apples, fruit snacks, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches.

Loves to play basketball in the driveway. 

Argues with his brother a little too much... but is quick to apologize when he realizes he is not being very nice. 

Is not a morning person... which he gets from me. :-)

Is playing spring soccer & baseball, and will start swim again next month. Soccer is his favorite. 

Has lost 6 teeth & most of them are still missing... but I love his toothless grin! 

Can't wait for his birthday party tomorrow with all his classmates. It's an Angry Birds Pool Party! 


Is almost 3 years old.

Is wearing some 2T, some 3T, and the shorts he wore today were 18-24 months.... that my mom bought him almost 2 years ago. Clothing sizes for kids are so weird! 

Is finally over 30 pounds.

Can jump with both feet, which is a big deal for him.

Loves running and playing in the driveway. And bubbles. And basketball.

Says "Clue's Clues" for Blue's Clues, and "chompstick" for chapstick.

Blew bubbles in the pool for the first time last week. He was very proud of himself.  And when his instructor asked him to crawl like an alligator in the water, he told her "I am going to crawl like a panda bear!".

Knows just how to push his brother's buttons... by taking his Angry Birds. 

When someone asks how old he is, he responds "my birthday is next week!". 

Is usually the first one up in the morning, chatting until Mark gets him out of his crib.

Lasted 2 days in his big boy bed before being returned to his crib. He stopped taking a nap, wouldn't stay in bed, and was up before 6am. We did not have a happy 2 days.

Still loves his Pup-Pup.


Cass said...

How did Evan get so tall?!?!!??

Erin said...

Cass, I have no idea! But he looks like a giant to me... so big. He is going to be a first grader next year! I can't believe it... less than a month of Kindergarten left.