Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lego Land, Florida

A few weeks ago we took a mini-vacation to Orlando and Lego Land with Mark's parents. The kids love amusement parks, and I had heard really good things about Florida's newest theme park. We had a wonderful time, and despite the heat, enjoyed our day at the park. Jack especially enjoyed going on rides. He just hit 36 inches (with shoes on), so he could go on a quite a few rides this trip... even some by himself! He looked so little compared to the bigger kids on the rides, but he loved it. 

Jack wanted a blue Angry Bird painted on his face.

And Evan wanted a red bird... he really liked it, so I'm not sure why he is so serious!

I am still taking care of a very sick 6-year-old, so I better run. Poor kid cannot get over a nasty cold/flu. We are off to the doctor tomorrow to make sure he doesn't have something more serious (Mark mentioned bronchitis...).

Have a great week!

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