Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sick Kids

The past three weeks have been a blur... one or both of the kids have been sick and our schedule has been really off. Evan's last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow and I am so upset he is (probably) going to miss it. He has worked so hard this year & I know he is going to miss his friends over the summer... but I can't send him to school with a fever of 102. I am hoping his fever breaks tonight and his cough is under control in the morning so he can go to school and see his friends one last time! 

In between doctor's visits, naps, and wiping noses, we have had a little bit of fun. Our last Kiwi Crate box's theme was gardening, and the boys planted a window garden of squash and beans. Last weekend Jack helped me transplant them outside. Jack checks on his plants everyday, and loves to help me water them. He and I spent an hour or two on the patio yesterday while Evan napped, and he was acting goofy so I pulled out the camera. I love his bed head & cheesy smile. :-)

Have a great weekend!

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