Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer | Digital Layout

I am really excited to share a layout I created with Karla Dudley's new kit, Cool Summer, which will be available tomorrow in her shop. I love the colors she chose... perfect for photos of the boys! Evan's favorite color right now is green (and sometimes blue), so I created a very green layout about him. And this picture melts my heart! He looks so... big. And mature. When did that happen?!?

(Supplies - "summer" alpha: Dotty Alpha. Label: Cool Summer. Clear star: Clear Essentials No. 2. "e": Rusty Alpha. staples: Digi Essentials. zig-zag stitch & circle stitches: Digi Essentials. "Summer". tag: Cool Summer. Washi tape: Cool Summer. Notebook paper: Cool Summer. Green cardstock: Cool Summer. Patterned paper: Cool Summer)

Summer is flying by and the kids & I are having a great time together. Jack is at a wonderful age right now, and I feel like I am really experiencing "3" with him. Less than a month after Evan turned three, Jack was born, and life was really chaotic. Now that Jack is three (and we absolutely don't have another baby planned!), I get to experience this age with a little less chaos. He is so talkative and inquisitive... he definitely keeps me on my toes. Right now both boys are into playing "coppers and bad guys". They run around "shooting" the bad guys with their fake guns (index fingers). Sometimes Evan turns into a ghost cop, who cannot be seen by the bad guys, or me and Jack. The whole scene is quite comical... and exhausting when fights break out between the cops. :-)

Have a great week!

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