Sunday, July 22, 2012

Park Day

I can't believe summer is almost over for Evan... only 2.5 more weeks! We haven't done much traveling this year, but we have done a lot in our little town. The library, dollar movie theater, the pool, and especially going to the park. Our new neighborhood has a fantastic park for the kids, and the boys & I visited last week for an hour or so.  

Jack's favorite mickey mouse hat. He does not like having the sun in his eyes, but he also doesn't like wearing his sunglasses all the time, either. And keeping his hat on his head can be difficult, too. 3-year-olds are fun, aren't they? :-) 

Evan spent most of his time trying to master the monkey bars. He wanted to make it all the way across so badly, but just couldn't do it. I was really impressed that he didn't get frustrated or angry, he told me he was going to try again next time. For a kid who is super competitive, this is progress. 

The entrance to our new neighborhood.

 The last picture of the day... two very hot, tired, and hungry boys.

If you can't tell from their red, red faces... it was HOT while we were at the park! Probably 91 or 92 degrees. After an hour of running around they were ready to get home for lunch. I can't wait until this park will be our neighborhood park... only 6 more months! 

Have a great weekend!

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