Saturday, May 10, 2008

hmmmm....'s really late! The Holmes' left a little bit ago after playing unknown rounds of Apples to Apples (love that game!).

Evan was sick last week, so that's my excuse for not posting. This week? I'll chalk it up to lack of motivation.

We've been really busy...and this weekend is going to be no different. I have a "work-out" date with Cindy tomorrow and Pullman Athletic Club. My new hang out. Evan gets to play in their daycare while I lift weights and run the elliptical.

I have a baby shower at 2pm.

We are having dinner with friends tomorrow evening.

I still am at least 6 loads of laundry behind. Not to mention the rest of my house that needs cleaning...

...but such is life, I guess.

A pic of our little dude who is totally loving the nice weather!

...have a wonderful weekend.

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