Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm here...

... but I have been spending my time with my Mom & Dad and taking a break to focus on my family. I will be back soon with photos & updates.

Take care, friends.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Days.

With summer in full swing, I find I am spending less time on the computer, which means less time for my blog, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and all the websites and blogs I usually visit. My mom has been here for the last week, and she is definitely an on the go person, which further limits my computer time. I am not complaining; it's been great taking trips to the YMCA, Aquatic center, some shopping, and the library. As I write this Evan and Grandma are walking into downtown to visit the Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh produce. It's been a busy, eventful week but the kids are loving every second of it.

Jack @ 14 months.

Evan @ 4 years.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tired Boy.

I love these photos of Jack. He is my two-naps-per-day-or-I'm-really-cranky kid. Rubbing his eyes and big yawns are a good indication that he is ready for bed. Evan has been taking swim lessons in the morning for the last couple of weeks, so I have to wake Jack up from his morning nap. Because he isn't getting his normal amount of sleep in the morning, he is crabby in the afternoon. We cannot wait to get back on our regular routine next week!

My mom arrived early yesterday morning and we are all enjoying having her here. Evan gave her the tour of his play room, and Jack loves it when she holds him. We will be taking her to King's Island later in the week, which Ev is super excited about.



Saturday, July 10, 2010

Father & Son Adventures.

I downloaded the Camera Bag app to Mark's iPhone tonight... and I am completely addicted! It has 13 different photo effects you can apply to your iPhone photos. I used to Helga effect on the photos below.

(You can click on the image to make it bigger.)

Mark & Evan have been going on father/son outings almost every weekend lately & I just discovered all the photos Mark has been taking with his iPhone. I love peeking into their adventures & looking at the goofy photos they take.

(Left to right; top to bottom)

1. Riding bikes at Miami Whitewater Forest.
2. Climbing at Miami Whitewater Forest.
3. Riding his quad in his pajamas.
4. Swim lessons.
5. National Museum of the United States Air Force (standing in front of a Messerschmitt Bf 109)
6. The airplanes at King's Island
7. On the Monster ride at King's Island.
8. Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower at King's Island
9. On a boat on Miami Whitewater Forest Lake.
10.The swings at King's Island.

(I'm sorry the photo collage is so small... I can't seem to make it any bigger, but I'm working on it!)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jack: Then & Now.

2 months old.

14 months. old.

My sweet Jack.

You have grown so much over the last year.

You are still a cuddle-bug & love to be held. And despite our best efforts, you are still taking a bottle before bed. Every time we have tried to ween you, you get sick (or start teething), so we don't have the heart to take away your precious "ba-ba". Maybe next week...

You are super talkative & have many words. "ma-ma", "pup-pup", "da-da", and "na no" are your favorite, but you also say "ba-ba" (bottle), "mo" (more), "uh oh", and "up". You also grunt, squeal, clap, point, dance, and have the best baby-belly-laugh.

Just like Evan, you have discovered (and now love) cars. You scoot around while pushing some of your bigger cars, and like to spin the wheels of the smaller matchbox cars Evan has. It was right around this age that Evan became obsessed with cars, and you are showing a similar interest. You also like our Fisher-Price Little People cars, trucks, firetrucks, tractors, and ice cream truck.

Blocks & Duplos also hold your attention for quite a while. You like to stack them & knock them over. You also like to clap your hands while holding a block in each hand, and Evan usually copies you, which makes you even more excited.

You still sleep a lot, and are taking two naps per day. Your morning nap is essential to your happiness, but a few days lately you have skipped your afternoon nap without too many issues. You sleep with your pup-pup, and both blankets Grandma Taylor made for you (and Evan) last Christmas. You sleep on top of the animal blanket, and I put Evan's white & blue blanket over you. Then I wrap a little receiving blanket around your head in an upside down U shape so your ears are covered. You hold pup-pup, and usually fall asleep in that position. Yes, you are high maintenance. But we love you anyway!

Once again, you are resisting most foods. And throwing food. And screeching at us when the food you do like isn't on your tray anymore because you ate it. Dinner around here feels more like a trip to the zoo than a nice, family meal together. But I have found a few things you will eat regularly, and we offer you everything that we are eating, so I hope you learn to like new foods soon. I can't imagine eating bananas three meals a day, but you love them.

Thank you, Jack, for reminding me to slow down and savor these moments with you. For being such a good baby and making me laugh constantly. You are so deeply loved.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend.

We had a wonderful (but very hot) 4th of July weekend. Mark worked a few hours on Saturday, but spent the rest of his long weekend with the kids and me.

Mark called me from work today & asked me to post some new photos of the boys... so here you go, babe :-)

I love this hat!

Evan started swim lessons yesterday at a local aquatic center. I'm so happy he is doing something without Mark or me. I think it's good for him to have his own experiences and he is learning to take direction from other adults. Plus, he's learning how to swim!

Mark took this photo of Evan and Jack. They were watching cartoons Sunday morning & having their milk together.

Jack - 14 months old.

King's Island has the best hydrangeas... I take pictures every time we go!

Evan spent most of the weekend outside with Mark. Jack and I would visit them in the backyard occasionally, but it has been so hot, and Jack doesn't handle the heat well. Evan couldn't care less that it is 94 degrees and humid... he's happy when he can play in his pool & squirt Mark with the hose.

I hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th of July.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

From My Inbox.

Mark just e-mailed me this photo from his iPhone. All I know is Evan and Mark went to the park... and somehow ended up on the water. I can't wait to hear all the details when they get home!