Sunday, April 1, 2007

New JBS Kit!!!!!!!

I can hardly contain my excitement! The April JBS kit was just published...OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT! I know that writing in caps means I am shouting, but I am totally cool with that. I really am that excited! Waiting for almost two weeks to receive my package is a killer! I was looking forward to 10pm all day..... how sad is that?!?!

Oh, the little things that make me just so happy.

Another "little thing" that is totally making my day: Michael's acrylic stamps. So cute! Here are some pics of my new mini stamps:

And what is the best part of these cutie little stamps? They are only $1.00!!! My friend, Cindy, told me about them, and at first I was a little hesitant. Acrylic stamps for only $1.00? That can't be right! I was so wrong! Each "set" has anywhere from 4 to 11 individual stamps, and you can even purchase mini acrylic blocks that fit the stamps!

Of course I wanted to use them right away, so I made cards last night with them:

After talking with my husband tonight, I think I am going to drive back to Puyallup with my family tomorrow. Mark has three mid-terms, and one huge lab due next week, so he could really use some peace and quiet. Evan and I can follow my parents over, and stay with them for the week while Mark studies his little butt off! Poor guy! I just worry about him forgetting to eat...he tends to do that when I am not around! Well, nothing has been decided yet, but by tomorrow I should know one way or the other.

Happy Saturday!


sohpiasmom said...

The new JBS kits are awesome! And Tammy and I went to Michaels today and bought a few of those cool acrylic stamps...very cool :)

Leah said...

Love these stamps! I'm going to Michaels ASAP to see if they have them here!