Thursday, April 19, 2007


...we were very busy! Evan and I went to Bethany's this morning for a play date... I think Evan had a lot of fun! Sophia did a great job wearing him out by chasing him around the house, and Evan broke in his new "Cars" sneakers... they are so cute on him! Evan took a great afternoon nap, and I cleaned, and cleaned, then cleaned some more. I also switched over our car insurance to Geico, which is going to save us $100.00 per month. Yay! That in itself made my day! This evening I completed a couple of layouts, plus finished up a couple more which needed journaling, etc. Mark also hung up a "clothesline" across my studio so I can hang up my layouts as I go... thanks Kristi for the fantastic idea! I love how it looks, and instant art! I am going to take some pics of it tomorrow, and post them. For now, I leave you with my baby:

Have a great Thursday!

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