Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Art Journal (weeks 33 & 34), layouts, and Evan turns 17 months old!

OK, I will start with last week's prompt: 10 minutes

I really liked this prompt! I am all about quick and easy, so only taking 10 minutes on something super creative was great! I also was able to use a new acetate flower from MME's Bohemia 2 collection.

This week's prompt: funny ha-ha!
Evan and Mark have so much fun laughing and playing together, I had to pick this great photo of them! I love the expression on Mark's face as Evan sucks on his cheek...too cute!

I have also been super busy creating layouts...I have had some of these photos for over 7 months...I just haven't had the inspiration to create layouts with them: until now that is!

Thanks for the letter stickers Kristi!

I got some great Autumn Leaves paper and rub-ons at Shopko, of all places, and they coordinated perfectly with Evan's bright sweatshirt!

This layout is for Evan's 8 1/2 by 11 album... the photos weren't the greatest at regular size, too much clutter in the background, but cropped they look great!

Evan turned 17 months today! He is such a little talker, and LOVES his cars ("car-cars"), and trucks (he won't say truck! He will correct you by saying "car-car" though!). We had a play date with our neighbors, the Holmes this afternoon, which he enjoys. Tomorrow should be pretty peaceful, then Thursday we have a dermatologist appointment, Friday is playgroup, and Saturday we leave for Coeur D'Alene! September is super busy for us, and every week from now until October we have plans, including Retreat with the gals from Crop, Paper, Scissors! I am really looking forward to spending time with Kristi W., Kristi O., Tami, and Cory!

Have a great Wednesday!


Tristan said...

Fabulous! Don't ya wish the kids would stop growing so fast!?

Marjolein said...

Great cards!! And I love your LO's!

Jenny said...

Beautiful cards and layouts!

Kristi said...

Amazing as always! It really does seem like yesterday that Evan was born. This is a great age but I can't wait until he's about 2 1/2 and you tell him not to do something and he just looks at you like "huh? and jumps right in that mud puddle!

TAMI said...

I tagged you! and your sooooo busy- oops! sorry! Great layouts.
See you soon! Retreat will be great!

Wendy said...

great layouts. And what a perfect, in-the-moment shot of Evan and your hubby...I love photographs like that...spontaneous and so real.

Dani said...

Very nice card !! you make very nice things !!

Je@net said...

Great cards and what a lovely layouts!!

Paula said...

Awesome cards for the art journal challenge & fabulous layouts too!
Love the colours you use & the papers are pretty.