Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a crazy, busy weekend!

Our weekend was packed...and our week is just as busy! Friday night we headed out to Clarkston to camp with some friends of ours: the Holmes. Derek, Karen, Aidan, Ethan, Clayton, Merry, and Sage were with us, plus tons of friends from their church. We had so much fun! Aidan did get stung by bees (three of them), and we had a skunk, who lived in the bushes right next to us, try to eat our garbage at four in the morning, but other than that, it was great. Evan was up at the crack of dawn, with all the other kids. He played ball, we stayed up late and talked by the campfire, and I took some pics:

Saturday night I went to a crop at Crop, Paper, Scissors with Bethany, and of course Kristi and Tami were there! We had a blast...I got a ton done, and it was really nice to sit and talk with friends. I have loved getting to know Tami, she is so talented, and I love her projects. The baby album she was working on is simply gorgeous!

This week has been full of appointments, and work! Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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