Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today was a little bit crazy! Evan was up really early, 6:30am, which is at least an hour earlier than he normally gets up, so he was cranky! Abby moved into her new apartment, and Mark drove to Puyallup from Pullman. He ended up getting stuck behind a fatality accident on Hwy 26, so it took a lot longer for him to get here then we thought, but he made it in one piece.
We went to Ikea in the evening, and picked up some really cool stuff! I LOVE Ikea, and I go through withdrawals because we live so far from one. I finally got a salad spinner! And a new lamp for my desk, and Mark picked up a shelve for his closet.
Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Crop, Paper, Scissors is doing a twelve hour crop on Saturday to benefit the Shriner's, so if you can make it give them a call to reserve your spot!
Have a great Sunday!

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