Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy, happy Thursday!

Not much going on in the Taylor house this week. Evan is fighting a bit of a cold, so we are hanging out here today. It doesn't seem to have dampened his spirits much, thankfully. He really is a super kid, even when sick. He got the flu over Christmas break, and my parents couldn't believe how cooperative he was, even when he was throwing up.

I am taking advantage of nap time to do a little photo editing & organizing. I have signed up for Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class through Big Picture Scrapbooking, as an alumni. I took the class back in 2007, but she has made so many improvements and additions the last year, so I am hoping to refine my system a bit. I got really behind on printing photos last summer/fall, so that is one of my first priorities. I have my "library" started, with all my matching albums. I also started my category drawers during the first session, and have done a pretty good job maintaining them.

Category Drawers...sorry the photo is on a tilt...not really sure why?!?

My Library albums. I use American Crafts black leather D-ring albums. I have seven albums in my library system right now, although two of the albums are full and I need to start "v.2" in that category. Right now they fit perfectly on a long, narrow bookshelf in my studio, but if I add an album, they will have to find a new home. Still working on a solution for that little problem.

He and I were playing Clifford Bingo in my office this afternoon, and the lighting was perfect for some indoor/natural light photos. I bribed (yes, I now have to bribe my kid to sit through a photo session), and got a couple of really cute shots of the little monkey.

We are looking forward to Valentine's Day on Saturday, as well as a visit from my folks that afternoon. I believe we are shopping for baby bedding & toddler bedding, and taking a trip up north on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Emily R. said...

Those are great category drawers!!! Very cool! What a good idea!

Your albumns look beautiful all next to each other! :D

Have a lovely day!