Friday, February 6, 2009

New photos, new layouts, new JBS project kit...

Happy Friday!

I wanted to put a few new photos up on the ol' blog for my dad's computer background. Evan is growing like a weed these days, and practically eating us out of house & home. I'm afraid my folks aren't going to recognize him when they come next week :-)

We aren't sure where the scrunchy nose came from, but I am definitely a fan!

A before-bedtime routine: Mommy, milk, and Lola on the couch.

Wearing Daddy's boots.

Oh boy. Mama's underwear on their heads. In less than three months there will be three of them... and I will be horribly outnumbered. Yikes.

Creating Keepsakes HOF layout... love how it turned out.

Scrap-lifted this layout from Ali Edwards "Life Artist" book. I used all the beautiful Christmas cards we received and my handy-dandy square punch to create this layout. Thank you Ali for the inspiration!

This was a JBS kit a few months back, and I worked on it on Super Bowl Sunday with a friend. It is super cute in person... not so cute in the picture.

Another Ali Edwards scrap-lift. Super-simple & super cute.

We are off to the Palouse Discovery Science Center tomorrow with some friends. Evan has so much fun hanging out there & tomorrow is there pre-school program. We will be learning about Landforms during the "Just Ask Why" presentation... we'll see how long Evan lasts. The attention span of a two-year-old is a bit unpredictable at times. Wish us luck.

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Cindy said...

I forgot to thank you for the heads up about Michaels. I can't believe I got square envelopes for less than 4 cents each and regular A2s were less than 3 cents. I think I cleaned them out!

The birdie banner looks great (even if it has birds on it!)