Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My little baseball player...

My wonderful Aunt and Uncle gave Evan a t-ball set for Christmas this year, which has been sitting in our toy closet un-opened for almost two months. Snow and 30 degree weather has limited our trips to the park, and I have not been brave enough to let my two-year-old swing a bat in our apartment... until yesterday. Evan discovered the box in the back of the closet, and just had to play "basebol" in our living room. I set up the tee, and he figured out how to put the ball on it and take a swing with the yellow foam bat it came with.

Once hitting off the tee was mastered, Mark started to throw under-arm "pitches" to him, using a bigger foam ball. He is a natural! He knows how to hold the bat & Mark tells him to "keep your eye on the ball," which he thinks means to crouch down until he is practially sitting. Very entertaining!

In both of the shots above, Evan has already made contact with the ball and it's flying toward Mark's face :-)

Potty-traning was on a bit of a hiatus during February, but we are back in full swing this week. Not too much planned in the next few days, which is perfect when you don't want to be more than five feet from the bathroom (and paper-towels). Evan had a very successsful "big boy underwear" day, and we are so proud of him! I think he finally gets it! With only nine weeks until baby #2 is here, I really want Evan to be out of diapers. If today is any indication, I think we will make that goal! And my boy looks super cute in his Cars underwear!

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