Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few things I want to remember...

* In the operating room, right after Jack was born, Mark brought him over to me and said: "I actually took a step, babe!" After Evan's birth, Mark was terrified he would drop him, so he shuffled down the hallway to the nursery before handing Evan off to my mom. This time, my experienced husband was able to lift his feet & still hold on to our newborn. I'm very proud of Mark!

* The Nurse Anesthetist calling Jack a "chubby wubsey" right after he was born.

* While the nurse and Mark were in the nursery having Jack weighed & measured the doctors & nurses in the OR were guessing just how big Jack would be. The closest guess was 9 lbs. 11 oz. My guess of 8 lbs. 6 oz. was just wishful thinking! Even Mark's 9 lbs. 6 oz. guess was way off. I guess I just have big babies!

* Right before Evan went to bed tonight Mark peeked in his room and said "I had fun playing with you today, Evan." to which Evan replied "yup."

*Evan only refers to his new little brother as "baby Jack.

* Evan also calls Jack's pacifier a "fire." While driving home from the grocery store yesterday Jack spit out his pacifier, and Evan started yelling "Fire! Fire!" from the backseat. It took Mark and me a few minutes to figure out what he was yelling about... and it wasn't that our car was on fire :-)

It's taken me three or four days to write this post. Being a mom of two is much more time consuming than being a mom of one! Right now my two boys are sleeping peacefully, which gives me a few minutes to check blogs & surf the internet. I am telling myself the dirty dishes & laundry can wait... I definitely need some time to myself.



Karen said...

I loved reading your list, that's so special.
Being a mom of two was quite an adjustment for me, hopefully three isn't TOO bad since I've been outnumbered for a while now.

Cass said...

Welcome home, little Jack! So happy to hear the news, Erin, and that you're all home safe and sound now.

Wendy said...

congratulations! he's so cute! And how fun to journal about the surrounding circumstances. It will be something to look back on and cherish. Words are just as important as pictures, I say.