Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nine Days Old.

1. Jack is a great sleeper/napper during the day, but a bit restless at night. He loves to sleep with Mama & Daddy, which isn't ideal. I want him to sleep in his pack 'n play, so we are working hard to make that happen. I think I'm working harder than he is, though.

2. Evan loves to help out with his new baby brother. He is super about turning the swing on & off, and he knows where the music & mobile buttons are. He also likes to close the lap latch for me.

3. I am spending a lot of time on the couch nursing Jack & holding him in his favorite position: on my chest all scrunched up in a ball.

4. My dad has been here for the last four days helping out. What a blessing that has been. My mom was here the previous week, which made the transition from hospital to home so much smoother than I had expected. My parents have been a wonderful support system for Mark, Evan, and me the last two weeks, and I am so grateful. Jack is lucky to have my parents as his grandparents.

5. I miss my one-on-one time with Evan. I am having to plan special times throughout the day to spend with him. Next week will be another adjustment, as we move in with my parents for most of the summer, so I am planning on making more time to spend with him. I don't want the bond we've had for the past three years to be lost in the midst of all these changes. I want our relationship to stay strong.

6. Evan is huge compared to little Jack! I didn't realize just how big he is until Jack was born. Evan is big for his age, but good grief! Mark and I agree: Evan seems gigantic compared to his little brother. It's crazy how fast they grow up in three short years.

7. Being a mother is hard, but I feel more at ease this time around. Maybe because I'm older, more experienced, or simply more comfortable with myself, but I feel more confident as a parent with Jack. When Evan was born I worried over everything; every cough, sneeze, spit-up, funny looking poop, etc. With Jack I am trying to let the day happen & not worry so much. He is a beautiful, healthy, content little boy & I intend to enjoy him.

8. The first page of Jack's scrapbook is (almost) complete. I am working on a photo in Photoshop, but it won't print for some reason, which is frustrating. Tomorrow I am going to do a couple of Google searches to see what the problem is. Grrrrr...

9. Life is good. Busy, hectic, happy, and full of changes... but life is good.

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