Monday, June 29, 2009

Roy & Jessica

I had the priviledge to take some engagement photos for our friends, Roy & Jessica. It was so much fun! They are such a cute couple & a complete joy to photograph. I promised Jess I would get a few of the photos on my blog as soon as possible:

Grandma & Grandpa purchased a mini golf set for Evan, who can hit the ball a long way for a three year old. Grandma found that out the hard way and was almost hit in the head!

And this little guy turned two months old yesterday. I still can't believe I gave birth two months ago. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday, and other days I feel like I have known him my whole life:

I do have a "two-months-old" post coming soon. We were a little busy this weekend with Roy & Jessica in town. The weather was perfect & we had a great time at Point Defiance and at the park.

Happy Monday!

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