Thursday, July 2, 2009

Car Washing & the Science Center & a Birthday Party (plus a layout)

Car Washing with Auntie Abby
Monday was a tough day for Evan. He didn't sleep well the night before & all the excitement with Roy and Jessica caused a bit of a meltdown before nap time. He did perk up when Abby asked him to help wash her car, while wearing her sunglasses of course!

And this little guy hung out on his play mat while Evan was busy getting himself, and Abby, completely soaked.

Hands On Science Center in Olympia
On Tuesday we headed south to the Hands On Museum. This was our first trip to this particular museum, and we were certainly impressed. Evan spent over two hours playing in the different centers. He loved the dump truck with rocks in the bed he could scoop, the delivery truck, and the water table. He made lots of new friends & had such a great day. He gave me a hug while riding in the delivery truck and said "thanks for coming mommy," which is his way of saying "thanks for bringing me here." So cute!

Happy Birthday Mom!
And today we celebrated my mom's birthday party with a BBQ, cake, and presents. Evan was a big fan of helping Grandma open all her gifts, particularly the GPS unit with a "blue car" on the box. Cake was also a huge hit.

Finally a scrapbook page!
I finished an all paper scrapbook page today. The first one in many, many weeks. Because I don't have all my supplies here I am having trouble getting motivated to complete many pages. I keep thinking "but if only I had this, or this, or whatever..." But I'm happy. This page is super simple, but says exactly what I wanted to say.

[Supplies: Pattern Paper: American Crafts & Stampin' Up!. Cardstock: Stampin' Up!. Photo Corners: Making Memories. Fabric Letters: American Crafts. Font: Georgia. Other: Staples.]

Tomorrow we are doing some grocery shopping & maybe going to the park. Evan has been so moody lately, so we will see what his behavior is like. I'm not sure he ever hit the terrible two's, but the terrible three's have hit full force lately. I feel like I am on repeat lately: "don't squeeze Jack too hard!" and "please don't bump" and "be nice!" come out of my mouth a lot! He can be such a sweet, loving, adoring little boy. I just wish we were seeing more of that during the day. It brakes my heart when he has to sit in timeout, but I guess that's the way it is with kids some times. But we still adore our oldest son, now more than ever.


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