Friday, July 24, 2009

Page in Progress & Other Stuff

I started working on a layout yesterday, but it's still in the "work-in-progress" phase:

The journaling & title on this page are from the template... not mine!  I still need to complete that part of the layout.

My husband had a huge surprise for me on our anniversary this year: a brand new MacBook!  It's white and sleek and super cool and I'm so excited to be a "Mac girl" now.  I am working on transferring all my digital files & photos over, but it could take a long time.  For now, I am getting used to a new operating system & desktop, but I love it!  Thanks babe... our anniversary was amazing :-)  I took a photo of my new computer, but it's still on my camera.  Oops!

Evan: fell asleep in my parent's bed tonight, so my dad is sleeping on the living room couch.  Thanks dad!  Evan loves to sleep in the big bed!  I don't think he knows just how much Grandma & Grandpa love him... spoiled boy!

Jack: is growing out of all his clothes & has the sweetest smile.  He woke up to eat about an hour ago and was giving his daddy half asleep/half awake smiles & giggles.  I love this age... they are alert, but over most of the fussing and just love to be around people.  Jack is such a wonderful addition to our family. 

Mark: has been working on paperwork for his new job & helped Evan wash the (very dirty) car this evening.  Some father/son bonding... and they love to get each other wet with the hose.

Me: enjoying the last couple of weeks before heading back home.  We have spent an amazing summer with my parents and my sister, and we still have a couple of cool things planned in the coming weeks.  I cannot thank them enough for their time and opening up their home to me and my crazy, but wonderful, family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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