Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Frame-Ups" Project 2: Frame + Brush + Hand-tint

Today was day three of Jessica Sprague's class & we learned how to hand-tint photos in PSE. Here's my take:

Original photo.

Hand-tinted photo. [Supplies: Frame-Jessica Sprague (available through her class only), Ali Edwards You Sentiment Quotes, Flower Brush from]

Tomorrow I start week three of Renee Pearson's "Just the Basics, Ma'am" class... I will be learning how to create my own layered templates; this lesson is exactly why I signed up for the class: I want to be able to create projects/products from scratch in PSE.

Have a wonderful Thursday, Friends.

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TAMI said...

I signed up for the class too but do not have photoshop! How dumb am I- your stuff looks great!